Prepreg HY E9-150M

Prepreg HY E9-150M

Hygraner is pleased and proud to present the FIRST innovative ITALIAN Prepreg in carbon fiber and epoxy resin, reinforced with GRAPHENE: the HY E9-150M.
The prepreg HY E9-150M is an excellent solution for all those customers who need to find high mechanical, thermal and electrical performance in a single product, combined with the barrier effect to atmospheric and chemical agents. Starting with a basic system, it has been designed for performance never seen before.
Hygraner has invested in the development and production of this innovative prepreg, which represents a change, also in terms of sustainability, by using a graphene produced from organic recycling material. The product can also be made with solvent-free processes.
HY E9-150M MATRIX SERIES belongs to a family of thermosetting epoxy matrices with process temperatures from 80 ° C to 140 ° C reinforced with GRAPHENE; the basic E9-150 system is initially designed for general applications. The HY E9-150M system is available in several product variants, including one for flame retardants and one for electrical applications. The graphene toughened system is commonly used in vacuum bag processes, autoclave processes, compression molding, and other molding processes.


Excellent mechanical properties

Excellent laminate quality

Greater resistance to impact and delamination

For general applications

Excellent longevity

Abrasion resistance

Eccellente da maneggiare durante le lavorazioni

Adatto a speciali rivestimenti e  vernici

Elevata barriera all’acqua, ai gas ed agli agenti chimici







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For more technical details you can consult the technical data sheet of the product, or contact our R&D division who will be able to provide you with further information.

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