Paints and surface treatments

Paints and surface treatments

Several patents have been obtained in the field of coatings (coating and paint) of metal and plastic surfaces. All the treated surfaces have achieved important improvements in terms of resistance to chemical, atmospheric agents, scratches, wear and UV radiation.

We dispersed functionalized graphene in:

Conductive anti-scratch paints with low moisture absorption

– Siliconi,

Coating on plastic films for photovoltaic applications,

Mylar sheet with functionalised Graphene coating
Mylar sheet: electrical conductivity test of functionalized graphene coating
Mylar sheet made electrically conductive by functionalized graphene coating

Conductive inks for printing

Conductive r-Go paint functionalized in Water

Protective (barrier) and clinging depositions on metals: aluminium, copper, and iron,

Deposition of functionalised GO on raw Aluminium

Antifouling paints

– Copper cable coatings

Adhesion test of a reinforced paint with functionalised GO