Graphene in the nautical sector

In the nautical sector we have formulated adhesives for impregnating the fibres and laminating the layers that make up the sails.

Finally, we have created a series of thermoplastic resins for the production of plastic films with superior characteristics to those of the materials commonly used by companies in the sector.

Sails made with our products have demonstrated, compared to a sail made with traditional materials, at the same weight, greater stability to UV radiation, 30% longer life time, 30% higher resistance to atmospheric and environmental agents (salinity and thermal shock), average mechanical performance 20/40% higher (abrasion, traction, tearing, flexion), interlaminar fracture toughness properties (G1c) = +20%. It was extremely interesting to verify the improvement of two parameters: the sail’s shape memory (particularly stressed in some critical points – number of bending cycles with return +30%) and water repellency linked to the measurement of weight variation as a function of moisture absorption = – 80%.

Fibre impregnation with thermosetting resin reinforced with functionalized graphene
Lamination of a vacuum sail, made with graphene film
Testing in out-door condition of a sail made with film and thermosetting resin reinforced with functionalized graphene