Green-PET Master

Green-PET Master

Polyester (PET) and Graphene fibre

With our masterbatch based on recycled PET (from the collection of colored plastic bottles) it is possible to produce the fiber, of different thickness and length, for the production of non-woven fabrics (non-woven fabrics).

The fibers, in fact, based on the diameter and length, can be processed with needle punching techniques, water, Spunlace, Spunbond. Microfibre fabrics can also be produced.

Non-woven fabric made of Polyester (PET) and Graphene

The fabrics show marked mechanical improvements such as: higher tensile strength (tearing), perforation and abrasion resistance, higher thermal conductivity, reduced bio-deterioration, and various characteristics such as: antibacterial, hydrophobic, oil repellency.



All fibres produced with our resins can be defined as: “Graphene fibres”. The fabric is made of Graphene.

Recompacting Polyester (PET) and Graphene Fibre
Extrusion of recycled Polyester (PET) with Graphene for the production of fibres










The reference sectors for the use of these fabrics are:

Clothing, Medical-Sanitary, Footwear, Automotive, Construction, Industrial Chemistry.

The solutions, already developed by Hygraner, are addressed to companies operating in the “Filtration” sector: treatment, air conditioning, air sanitization for domestic, industrial and public environments.


Non-woven fabric made of Polyester (PET) and Graphene