The company

HYGRANER is a leader in Italy in the production of Graphene.

We have developed different and unique methods of industrial production, economically advantageous. The different productions are dedicated to different products and combined with exclusive functionalization and dispersion processes.

At HYGRANER we work to develop a new range of materials with specifically improved characteristics, transferring the potential and properties of Graphene where these previously could not be.

Our work, carried out by professionals of high scientific competence, allows our customers to better establish themselves on constantly evolving markets. Their products quickly position themselves at the highest reference levels in terms of innovation, quality, performance and durability.

The needs of customers in the various industrial sectors are carefully listened to and promptly met in an effective and streamlined manner.

We operate in a flexible and reliable way, preserving the environment in every activity and generating economic growth.

Each product for each individual customer is completely customized.

Our ecologically sustainable production is based on:

1) on the use of recycled materials, non-toxic, not harmful to health, such as cellulose waste from the paper or agricultural industry;
2) on low energy consumption;
3) on the high yield of the processes.

This allows us to significantly reduce the production costs of Graphene.

email: info@hygraner.it