Hygraner launches the first Meltblown microfibre fabric in polypropylene PP and its range of compounds and masterbatches for the production of Graphene fibers and fabrics made in Italy.

In the last year, in order to face some needs born from the radical change in life, to which we are subjected due to the pandemic events, we have been the first to produce a non-woven fabric – in Polypropylene, with the Meltblown technique, starting from virgin PP enriched with a minimum percentage of our functionalized, antibacterial and antiviral Graphene.

Mask with PP (polypropylene) filter in Tnt Meltblown

Hygraner is today able to produce and market PP (Polypropylene) based masterbatch and the fabric called: PP MASTER MELTBLOWN. 

With our PP resins, Hygraner has created some microfibre fabrics, obtained through a Meltblown process (non-woven microfibre fabric-non-woven). The same resins can be used to make breathable textile membranes.

The microfibers have a diameter variable from 1 up to 4 μm. Its weight is between 20-50 gr/mq.

This product is intended for the creation of solutions for the medical-health sector, in particular for the manufacture of personal protective equipment, such as: masks, gowns, shoe covers, overalls, gloves. Of course, the same product is also intended for the creation of “filtration” solutions (filters for surgical masks).

Hygraner is proud to announce the collaboration in the creation of FFP2 and Surgical IIR masks with C&S Italy which has launched the range of products identifiable with the AV MASK PRO brand. A unique and exclusive Made in Italy product is born from the synergy of two Italian companies.

Compound of PP (Polypropyl) and Functionalized Graphene

The fabrics made from the use of our polymers achieve an effective combination of high resistance to scratches and perforations, with an intact softness to the touch; they totally stop the passage, bilaterally, of microdroplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the fabric stops bacterial proliferation (tested on bacteria belonging to the Gram + and Gram – strains) that of some microfungi and that of some molds.

The nonwoven fabric is “super hydrophobic“, hypoallergenic, antistatic and certifiable as non-toxic; it can be sterilised and washed. PP Master Meltblown remains always active;

This innovation lies in the fact that the fibre is made of graphene. 

Graphene inactivates some viruses with surprising antiviral effectiveness. And also can be used as bacteria filter effect


Some tests are conducted, for internal use, following the procedures of the standards: ISO 22196:2011, ISO 20743:2013, ISO 21702:2019, ISO 18184:2019, or following combinations of these.

We are evaluating the possibilities of reusing these fabrics, brought to the end of their life, as constituent elements of filters for the desalination of marine water, or for the capture of heavy metals and/or fuel oils (in water) – oil absorbent bag.

Download SDS data sheet: PP-Master Meltblown