INNOVATING BY DIFFERENTIATING: low and medium temperature thermoplastics

Polyester (PET) and Graphene Compounds

The solutions adopted to solve the different industrial problems that until now limited the use of graphene for the large-scale production of compounds and masterbatches, have necessarily shown us the way to differentiation. So, at the moment, we have developed thermoplastic resins at medium and low temperature (PET, PA, BPT, PP, TPE, LDPE, HDPE, PLA, ABS, PC, EVA and rubbers like SBS) that are mechanically more resistant, thermally and electrically conductive, resistant even in corrosive environments, antibacterial, anti-static, hydrophobic, oil-repellent, with low gas permeability, heat – flame resistant, stable against thermal shock and UV radiation, non-toxic and shape memory – for polymers with a good degree of flexibility.

Polypropylene (PP) and Graphene Masterbatch

We will shortly begin the development of high temperature resistant polymers and other technopolymers. Then we will move on to the creation of a wider range of compounds derived from the combination of several polymers, in order to offer innovative solutions that can be exploited for a greater number of final applications.

Among the products that we will soon be developing are special blends to be used as modifiers for asphalt and penumatics.

LDPE+EVA Masterbatch with Graphene

Among the products that we will shortly develop there are special blends to be used as modifiers for the production of asphalts and tires.