HYGRANER operates for years in the field of nano-materials: carbon nano-tubes, hybrid materials based on carbon, 2D materials.
Since 2012, current scientific team has focused on the development of continuos processes, on the functionalization and dispersion of Graphene (Gr, GO, r-GO and GOsb, mono-layer, few-layers and with spongy structure) patented today.

These processes scalable, are fully "sustainable". The Graphene that results is of the highest quality free from defects, suitable for a wide range of applications. The synthesis processes involve the use of recycled materials.

The different types of Graphene, all produced in our Italian factory located in the province of Teramo, started in 2016, are functionalized and optimally dispersed, in order to allow our Customers to work them, without altering any phase, or process of their production.

In 2019 we will continue in the indispensable activity of innovative technology transfer.

For this reason, with a view to increasingly interdisciplinary integration, exchange of knowledge between the university, district world, research organizations and industry, we aim to consolidate and undertake new, profitable and lasting collaborations, respectively with current and new Customers, operating in global markets.

We are aware of operating for the realization of an epochal change similar to that created by the use of plastic, a sort of "new industrial revolution". For this reason we are careful to provide the right answer to every need, for the development and implementation of new advanced materials, enriched by our Graphene, totally preserving the conditions of human wellbeing and reducing costs.